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About Us

In this dynamic business environment where innovation has become a crucial differentiating factor which gives any business the edge against its competitors and we plan to enable the Startups to have that same partner they can trust. Innovation in internal processes is essential for sustainable business. We help our clients to automate and streamline their business processes through our ebusiness solution offerings. We develop enterprise systems using open source web based platform customized to our clients’ needs. Our eBusiness services range from web based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SCM (Supply Chain Management), Project Management, Accounting, Document Management etc.

We will offers an end to end capability of technology consulting to its clients. Our experience ranges from business transformation strategy, IT strategy, Systems analysis and design to implementation and project management. Well in other words we do it IT all.

We will help our clients to conceptualize and simulate the changes by providing them with the flexible scalable IT roadmap that helps them to lead the way even while facing business challenges. Our main motive is to be the IT enabler for the Startups.

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